Planning Process 101

Let's be honest, planning your wedding can be so stressful, that you might consider getting married by Elvis in Vegas. It takes a lot of work to stay on top of payments, keep yourself organized and keep track of everything that you have and need to order. Here are some really simple ways to help you manage the stress of planning your big day. 

1. Grab A Helping Hand

You may feel like the weight of the wedding is on your shoulders, but I assure you that there are countless people ready to help out. Grab someone you can trust: your bridesmaids, your parents/siblings or even your partner! Delegate tasks that need to be done and give them a deadline. Having someone else in the planning process can make the experience a lot more fun too! 

2. Start the Planning Process Early

If you have the opportunity to start planning your wedding months to a year (or more) in advance, then I suggest you start sooner rather than later. A lot of vendors end up booked for wedding season months in advance, so the safe option would be to make sure that you have enough time to select who you want to hire and book them. The attire for weddings usually need to be ordered months prior depending on where you go. My dress took 5 months to be made and sent to us, not including the amount of time for alterations.  

3. Choose A Theme First 

There are so many details that go into wedding planning that it's really difficult to even know where to start. I would suggest that if you are having trouble figuring out what to do first, finding a theme is a nice option. The theme will set the tone for your wedding. For example, we decided our wedding theme was "Rustic Christmas" because it was in December and loved the idea of wood/burlap decorations. Our colors ended up being dark red and dark green to represent the Christmas colors. Check out our previous blog post to review the most popular wedding themes!

4. Keep A Planner/Calendar 

Having all of your information regarding the wedding in one location will make things so much easier to keep track of. That's why I suggest keeping some sort of planner/folder of all the wedding receipts, deadlines, etc. so you know when and where everything is. There are so many cute bridal planners out there nowadays that I am sure you can find something that fits your style and needs too! 

Trust me when I say, the stress may not feel like it's worth it at times, but seeing your vision come to life is just one of many exciting experiences you will have on your wedding day! Stay tuned for more blog posts on wedding tips and tricks from Next Chapter Films! 

Janelle Verch