Popular Wedding Themes For 2019

Picking a theme is one of the most exciting parts of planning. It's one of the first reality checks where you realize that you are actually getting married and you are going to throw an amazing party to celebrate! The theme for your wedding is very important because it ultimately sets the tone for the entire day. Here are some of the  themes that we have seen the most of in the last couple of years. 

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If you decide on a Disney themed wedding, you have a lot of options for colors, decorations and music. Just think of the creative ways you can create the centerpieces or the selecting the styles/colors of the bridesmaid dresses! I think it's safe to say that Disney has been a part of everyone's life, so incorporating it into your wedding gives you the opportunity to celebrate marrying your Prince Charming in the most fairy-tale way. Plus, what bride doesn't want to feel like a Princess on her big day?  

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Traditional weddings are classy, elegant affairs with gorgeous centerpieces and a showstopping white gown. These types of weddings typically incorporate the aspect of family and the different cultures that are coming together for the celebration of a union. Whether small or large, the idea of this type of wedding can be quite appealing for any traditional bride and groom.

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Alternative themed weddings can be super fun and feel like you are creating the evening for you and no one else. Maybe you want Pizza for your main course or you want to skip having bridesmaids/groomsmen. That's completely up to you! Another alternative wedding option can simply be picking out eclectic decor or attire. Hey, if you want your flower girls to be rocking fairy wings, go for it! 

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Rustic themed weddings have been one of the most popular themes as of late; think burlap, wood accessories and outdoor venues. My husband and I chose a rustic theme for our December wedding. It has a laid back feel, yet still gives you the option for elegance by adding in accents of lace or fresh flowers. Outdoor weddings can easily enhance a rustic theme by using nature itself as part of your overall decor. 

Stay tuned for more blog posts on wedding tips and tricks from Next Chapter Films!  

Janelle Verch