Jordan & Josue

“If you’re on the edge about hiring a videographer for your wedding, I urge you to go with next chapter films. Everyone told me that your wedding day goes by fast. It’s over within a blink of an eye and they are right. When I received our Wedding video, I was in shock. Watching the video made me feel as though I was absolutely in those moments again. It was incredible to look back at all of the smiles, tears, dancing and small details that you fully get to take in again. Robert and his Wife Janelle are so talented and a remarkable team. They truly made it feel as though they were family from the whole beginning to end process. Every shot was detailed and tied in every part of our day seamlessly. The quality of the video is by far the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. They take a lot of pride in their work. Not only did they include all of the classic shots you would want to see in your video, but they added special pieces that they knew would mean so much to us. I cannot say enough amazing things about them. Selecting New Chapter Films to capture your big day will be the easiest decision you could make! Our wedding video is the best preservation of our wedding day that we can relive over and over!”

Robert Verch